Mar 14 2011

SXSW 2011 Picks – Multi-Day Parties

This is the third and final post for my picks for SXSW 2011. Today I’m looking over the parties that span many days and feature a slew of bands and musicians.

Other Music Lawn Party – Thurs-Fri

Paste Austin Party – Wed-Thurs (RSVP)

SXSW Texas Style Death Match – Wed-Sat

Fader Fort by Fiat – Wed-Sat (RSVP)

Austin Imposition II – Wed-Sat (RSVP)

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Aug 15 2010

Random Web Findings: Double Rainbow, Andre 3000, Oxford English Dictionary

25 Songs About Outdated Technology

Nine Things Arcade Fire Has Done Lately

Thirteen Paste Best of What’s Next Artists on Tour This Fall

Doom and Gloom: Pop Culture’s 13 Unluckiest Characters

The 50 Best Fictional Bands

We’ll Do It Live: The 10 Most Ridiculous News Clips

Four Songs Inspired by Double Rainbow

A Dozen of Literature’s Greatest Jerks

Top 10 Anti-Drug Rap Songs

1000 Awesome Things Blog

Andre 3000’s Comeback

Top 10 Courtroom Drama Movies

7 Most Outrageous Hotel Amenities

8 Food Words Rejected (For Now) By The Oxford English Dictionary

Think Before You Ink: A Gallery of Truly Awful Band Tattoos

The Most Unintentionally Homoerotic Vintage Ads

The 8 Most Insanely Obvious Signs In The World

Top Eight Bands That Sound Best When You’re Drunk

Aug 8 2010

Random Web Findings – Green Day @ Lollapalooza

As expected, last night Green Day stole the show in Chicago, performing well over the park’s curfew and giving every Lollpalooza ticket holder their money’s worth and then some.  It’s doubtful Soundgarden will be able to top it tonight.  Consequence of Sound has the rave review and more coverage of the day.

Top Tweets of the Week

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Restaurant Tipping Around The World: 25 Countries’ Gratuity Protocol

Autobiographies By The Under-25 Set

11 Sci-Fi Movies to Look Forward To

14 Cases of Actors Getting Cut Entirely From Notable Films

8 Videos With Hilarious Offscreen Surprises

Top Ten Ad Icons of All Time

Most Controversial Album Covers Ever

Top 50 Maddest Moments In Music

Aug 2 2010

My Ten Favorite Music Videos With Animation

The title says it all; Paste did a similar list a few weeks ago, but I wanted to give my .02, so enjoy these classics.


Honorable Mention: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

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Jul 25 2010

Random Web Findings: Mad Men Premieres Tonight!

Paste Presents: The Mad Men Takeover (Everything Here is Golden)

Music Philosophy Prints

The Worst College Fashion Trends

Caught In The Act! Hilarious Photos Of Politicians Getting Frisky

Palin, Lindsay, NASA, and More: The Top Tweets of The Week

10 Party Schools That Actually PAY OFF

NYT: New Orleans’s Gender-Bending Rap

Losing My Religion: Revealing the Hollow Reality of Lo-Fi

Hollywood and Smoking: A Brief History

Five Predictions For Mad Men’s Fourth Season

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The 10 Best Boozy Desserts — Ice Creams, Gelatos, & Sorbets

The BEST Late Night Jokes Of The Week: Palin’s New Word, Lindsay’s Back Door, And Hippie Orgasms

Mad Men Twitter Round-Up

16 Most Outrageously Misleading Hotel Ads

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What’s The Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

39 Countries That Take More Vacations Than the US

The Twelve Most Beautiful Islands In the World

The Most Politically INCORRECT Stocks – Including BP, Blackwater & Exxon

The Five Greatest Rap-A-Lot Album Covers Ever

Seven Strange Street Snacks

7 Ways Student Loan Reform May (Or May Not) Change Your Life

The Funniest Marketing Fails Of All Time

11 Musical Action Figures

11 Most Overrated Things In History

Colleges Actually Worth Their Cost

The Top 5 Mel Gibson Internet Creations

The Internet In Film

Jul 18 2010

Random Web Findings: The Social Network, Etc.

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Jul 11 2010

Random Web Findings – A Buncha Stuff

Seriously….there’s a lot:

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Jun 20 2010

Random Web Findings: Comic Books, Pixar, Twitter

Fact: This is my 100th post! Enjoy!

Ten Comic Books That Aren’t For Nerds

The Canadian Music Wiki

Ten Kids Movies to Watch Again As An Adult

Ten Saturday Morning Cartoons That Strayed Far From Their Source Material

Five Fake TV Shows From Movies That Should Be Real

How Different States Execute You

Empire’s 100 Best Films of World Cinema

6 World Cup Coaches Who Look Like James Bond Villains

Paste Magazine

-Best Music of 2010 (So Far): Rachael Maddux, Associate Editor

-Five Reasons Why You Should Go to w00tstock

-Pixar’s Greatest Hits: Ranking its 10 Movies, Worst to First

-9 Cool Things To Do with Your Twitter Account

-Nine Book-to-Film Adaptations that Shouldn’t Have Happened

-A Dozen Crowd-Pleasing Jams for Your Next Karaoke Night

-Five Awesome Musical TV Episodes

Jun 13 2010

Random Web Findings – Michael Cera, The Ramones, World Cup

The Ten Best Genre Musicals

22 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don’t Know

Top Ten Must See Foreign Films of the Last Decade

Cakes Inspired By Books

15 Great Movies That Were Never Finished

Paste Magazine

Five Sci-Fi Megacorporations I Don’t Want to Work For

Ten Ridiculous(ly Awesome) Wii Accessories

Variations on a Theme: The Seven Faces of Michael Cera

10 Ways The Internet Wants To Get You Excited About The World Cup AWESOME

Ten More of the Creepiest Kids’ Movies of all Time

The 10 Best Ramones Songs of All Time

Seven Film Projects and One Naked Guy Worth Backing on Kickstarter

Jun 6 2010

Random Web Findings – Seinfeld, Bars, Wes Anderson

Esquire’s Best Bars In America

The Wes Anderson Alphabet

Ten Best Prison Films

Ten Fascinating Facts That Are Wrong

Ten Poorly Received Sequels That Deserve Another Look

Paste Magazine

Five Celebs Who Got Their Start On YouTube

The 20 Creepiest Kid Movies Of All Time

The 20 Greatest Music Video Cameos Of All Time

The 20 Best Seinfeld Moments (Warning: This list assumes Seinfeld was a good show)

Five More Actors Martin Scorsese Should Consider for His Frank Sinatra Biopic

Ten June Albums Worth Checking Out

Six Reasons To Watch Party Down Right Now