May 30 2010

Random Web Findings – Gawker, Bros Icing Bros, Rush

Ten Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

Gawker Guide to Summer Movies

Don’t Ice Me, Bro!

NME – Photos – The Rebirth of US Indie Rock

Time’s Top Ten Worst Chick Flicks

Best Cities to Live In for the Next Decade (I live in #1!)

40 Critically-Acclaimed But Little-Known Should-Be Movie Classics

Paste Magazine:

Ten Filmmakers Who Rocked the Ad World

Ten Great Malty Dark Beers

The Nine Greatest Rush Songs

Musicians On Making Art In Nashville

May 23 2010

Random Web Findings – Bill Murray, Lost, Auto-Tune

The Four Reasons LOST Will Go Down in History as a Bad TV Show

Ten Albums From the 70’s That Should Be Performed In Full

Eleven Biggest Nerd Heroes On the Simpsons

Ten Ridiculous 1980’s Movie Remakes

Is Auto-Tune Killing Pop Music?

Funny Stuff For This Week (Since I Missed Posting Yesterday):

Heckled Christian Rock Band Knows How Jesus Felt

New Social Networking Site Changing The Way Oh,  Christ, Forget It

Paste Magazine:

Eight Movies About Deserted Island Dwellers

Ten TV Shows With Great Music

Ten Fantastic Movie Monologues

Bill Murray’s Ten Best Roles

May 16 2010

Random Web Findings – Cartoons, Mountain Goats, The Smiths

Paste Magazine

Ten Sugarpop Bands We’re Not Afraid to Love

The 40 Best Cartoon Characters of All Time

The Nine Most Untimely Rock and Roll Deaths

Ten Places to Visit, Expressed In Mountain Goats Songs

International Summer Music Festival Guide

10 Movies I Thought Would Suck But Turned Out to be Pretty Good (1999-2009)

The 10 Smiths songs that will fuck you up the most

The Top 13 2010 Summer Must See Movies

Top 10 sensational sword fights in film

The Top 13 1980’s Teen Comedies

27 film sequels only tenuously related to their predecessors

The Top 13 Ineffectual Anti-Drug PSAs

The 10 Best Stand-up Comedians of All Time

May 9 2010

Random Web Findings – John Cusack, Summertime Lists, Soccer

Hipster Band Name Pronunciation Guide

Top 10 Must See Foreign Films of the Past Decade

Top 10 John Cusack Movies

UNCUT Magazine – 50 Greatest Lost Albums

Top 10 Soccer Films

Paste Magazine

10 Books For the Summer

10 Video Games For the Summer

10 Blockbuster Movies For the Summer

10 Indie Films For the Summer

25 Albums For the Summer

Five Inspiring Movie Montages

Ten Directors Whose Films Should Never Be Remade

The 20 Most Shocking TV Deaths (SPOILERS!)

The Top 10 Fictional Movie Food and Drink

21 Creepy Babies In Film/TV

May 2 2010

Random Web Findings – Mel Brooks, Sitcoms, LOLGraphs

Mel Brooks’ Seven Greatest Moments
Five Tweets, Tweeters and Trending Topics That Will Be Anthologized In 2100

The Ten Best Sitcoms On TV Right Now

Ten Best and Worst Series Finales

Ten Coolest Roadside Attractions In the US (Cadillac Ranch Is #1!

The Best and Worst Comic Book Films

The Top 100 Fun Cities (NYC is a blast, but OKC is NOT more fun than Austin.  No way.)

Mother’s Day Songs

2010 Time 100 – Most Influential People

Chicago Sun Times Summer Movie Preview

Times Online’s 40 Bloggers Who Really Count

LOLGraphs, Charts, Pies, Etc.

Apr 25 2010

Random Web Findings – Film Lists, Hipster 411, Earth Day

Ten Musicians Who Definitely Know When Earth Day Is

A Cool Site Dedicated to Alcohol In Film –

25 Movies That Shook the World of Fashion

SPIN’s 125 Best Albums of the Past 25 Years

A Great Discussion: Why Read the Book Before the Movie Version?

Paste Magazine – The 30 Best Beer Bars In America

How Hipsters Date

The 25 Best Movie Remakes of All Time

32 Signs You’re Not a Hipster Anymore

Paste Magazine – Ten May Albums Worth Checking Out

Paste Magazine – Eight Things I’ve Learned About Justin Bieber Without Even Trying

Paste Magazine – Six Amazing Mashup Albums

Paste Magazine – The Ten Best Led Zeppelin Songs