Jul 17 2010

The Funniest Thing I Saw All Week 7/17/10

Struggling High School Cuts Football—Nah, Just Kidding, Art It Is

Despite Repeated Attempts To Tear It Down, Massive LeBron James Mural Keeps Reappearing

Nation’s Music Snobs Protest Predictable Use Of Metallica, Pantera To Torture Prisoners

Jul 11 2010

Random Web Findings – A Buncha Stuff

Seriously….there’s a lot:

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Jun 27 2010

Random Web Findings: Metacritic, Hipster Evolution, Music Blogs

Ranked: The Best and Worst Iraq/Afghanistan War Films

Adam Sandler: All Films Considered

Tom Cruise: All Films Considered

Pixar vs. DreamWorks Animation: Comparing the CGI Giants

15 Movies the Critics Got Wrong

19 Great TV Episodes Largely Confined to One Location

List of Comic Book Drugs

The Evolution of the Hipster

Pop Culture’s Ten Best Assisstants

The Top 40 Chicago Words

The Ten Best Musical Rejections

Music Blogs Are Dead – Long Live Music Blogs!

Ten Best Beers For Breakfast

NYT’s 10 Under 10 List – Authors

The Best Movies Never Made

Top 100 Guy Movies

30 Post-Apocalyptic Film Visions of the 21st Century

May 9 2010

Random Web Findings – John Cusack, Summertime Lists, Soccer

Hipster Band Name Pronunciation Guide

Top 10 Must See Foreign Films of the Past Decade

Top 10 John Cusack Movies

UNCUT Magazine – 50 Greatest Lost Albums

Top 10 Soccer Films

Paste Magazine

10 Books For the Summer

10 Video Games For the Summer

10 Blockbuster Movies For the Summer

10 Indie Films For the Summer

25 Albums For the Summer

Five Inspiring Movie Montages

Ten Directors Whose Films Should Never Be Remade

The 20 Most Shocking TV Deaths (SPOILERS!)

The Top 10 Fictional Movie Food and Drink

21 Creepy Babies In Film/TV