Jan 28 2011

Recommended Reading: The Barney Stinson Collection

This year my New Year’s resolutions (or at least one of them) was to read more books.  I’m doing pretty good so far, and it doubles as content for Recommeded Reading posts, so there ya go.  Two birds and one stone, y’all.

Let me say for the record I don’t consider reading novelty books written by a fictional character aimed at marketing for a television show as fulfilling my resolution.  As you will see in future RR posts, I’m reading stuff of more substance.  But The Playbook, an hour-long read (maybe), was the first book I’ve completed in 2011.  And it’s funny too, especially if you’re a fan of Neil Patrick Harris’ womanizing character who always has a clever strategy or phrase to describe the attitudes and actions of the opposite sex.  Stinson has narrowed the craft of “scoring chicks” down to a science, as you will soon discover, and you will laugh along the way.

Also recommended, because, hey, I’m a completist, is the famous Bro Code.  It really is essential reading for both men and women; the latter will enjoy the defining of stereotypes, but they will have to stop reading in order to constantly roll their eyes.  It’s a friendship book (straight up Dale Carnegie shit), plain and simple, and as Barney declares, even chicks can be bros.  I live by the Bro Code….kinda.  And Bro On the Go is basically the Bro Code condensed to a smaller, not-so-pocket-sized handbook for when you need to adhere to the rules right away.

So yeah, they are marketing gimmicks that always sell well, due to the popularity and hilarity of How I Met Your Mother, but they are also well-written and funny, so pick ’em up so you can start picking up something else…..you know…….girls. Duh, bro.  You’re such a Ted right now.

Aug 15 2010

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Aug 8 2010

Random Web Findings – Green Day @ Lollapalooza

As expected, last night Green Day stole the show in Chicago, performing well over the park’s curfew and giving every Lollpalooza ticket holder their money’s worth and then some.  It’s doubtful Soundgarden will be able to top it tonight.  Consequence of Sound has the rave review and more coverage of the day.

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Jul 18 2010

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Jun 27 2010

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Jun 13 2010

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Mar 22 2010

Recommended Reading: Chuck Klosterman – Eating the Dinosaur

Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman (2009, Scribner)

I was first introduced to Chuck Klosterman through SPIN magazine back in junior high, and I have bought and read every single non-fiction work he has written.  His irreverent, humorous writing links philosophy and pop culture in a unique way.  And while his latest may not be his OVERALL best (Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs is hard to beat), Eating the Dinosaur is classic Klosterman at his best.

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