May 2 2011

Recommended Reading 5/2/11

The New Yorker – Obama and Osama

The New Yorker – Notes of the Death of Osama bin Laden

Huffington Post – Curtains For bin Laden’s Freak Show

Dec 28 2010

Recommended Reading 12/28/10

4 Reasons to Close Your Bank of America Account

A Holiday Message From Ricky Gervais: Why I’m An Atheist

Net Neutrality Haters Love FCC Rules

A Civil Rights Icon Calls For Net Neutrality

Oct 21 2010

Recommended Reading 10/21/10 – Election Fever

Poll: Enthusiasm Gap Favoring GOP, No Myth

The New Republic: Democrats Twisting In The Wind

DADT Conflict Explained: Why Obama Administration Lawyers Fight For A DADT Policy Obama Opposes

Oct 7 2010

Recommended Reading 10/7/10

Whatever Happened to Alternative Nation? Part 1 – 1990

How the Left Alienated Millions of Americans

Every Song That Apple Has Ever Used for Advertising

Sep 25 2010

Recommended Reading: Random Articles 9/25/10

Bill Maher – New Rule: Rich People Who Complain About Being Vilified Should Be Vilified

Will the Verizon iPhone Ever Exist?

Social Media – Easier Than You Think

Aug 14 2010

The Funniest Thing I Saw All Week 8/14/10

Reddit users have been posting their picks for the funniest things they’ve ever seen on the Web, and if anyone knows what’s funny on the Internet, it’s these people.  Huffington Post rounded up their favorites.  I urge you to spend hours upon hours of your life going through these links.  Because life is just too damn short.

Aug 8 2010

Random Web Findings – Green Day @ Lollapalooza

As expected, last night Green Day stole the show in Chicago, performing well over the park’s curfew and giving every Lollpalooza ticket holder their money’s worth and then some.  It’s doubtful Soundgarden will be able to top it tonight.  Consequence of Sound has the rave review and more coverage of the day.

Top Tweets of the Week

Americans’ 15 Favorite Restaurant Chains

No Van Gogh: Fifteen Fantastically Awful Selections From the Museum of Bad Art

Ten August Albums Worth Checking Out

Twenty-Five Songs For Dr. Dre’s Planet Playlist

Our 11 Favorite Oversized Bands

Mobbed Up: Hip-Hop’s Eight Best Posse Cuts

Six Dinosaurs That Might As Well Be Fake

Eighteen Band Names Inspired by Other Bands

23 Disney Characters and the Entertainers Born to Play Them

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Restaurant Tipping Around The World: 25 Countries’ Gratuity Protocol

Autobiographies By The Under-25 Set

11 Sci-Fi Movies to Look Forward To

14 Cases of Actors Getting Cut Entirely From Notable Films

8 Videos With Hilarious Offscreen Surprises

Top Ten Ad Icons of All Time

Most Controversial Album Covers Ever

Top 50 Maddest Moments In Music

Jul 25 2010

Random Web Findings: Mad Men Premieres Tonight!

Paste Presents: The Mad Men Takeover (Everything Here is Golden)

Music Philosophy Prints

The Worst College Fashion Trends

Caught In The Act! Hilarious Photos Of Politicians Getting Frisky

Palin, Lindsay, NASA, and More: The Top Tweets of The Week

10 Party Schools That Actually PAY OFF

NYT: New Orleans’s Gender-Bending Rap

Losing My Religion: Revealing the Hollow Reality of Lo-Fi

Hollywood and Smoking: A Brief History

Five Predictions For Mad Men’s Fourth Season

The Cities Where Americans Spend The MOST On Travel & Entertainment

The 10 Best Boozy Desserts — Ice Creams, Gelatos, & Sorbets

The BEST Late Night Jokes Of The Week: Palin’s New Word, Lindsay’s Back Door, And Hippie Orgasms

Mad Men Twitter Round-Up

16 Most Outrageously Misleading Hotel Ads

The Mad Men Guide to New York

What’s The Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

39 Countries That Take More Vacations Than the US

The Twelve Most Beautiful Islands In the World

The Most Politically INCORRECT Stocks – Including BP, Blackwater & Exxon

The Five Greatest Rap-A-Lot Album Covers Ever

Seven Strange Street Snacks

7 Ways Student Loan Reform May (Or May Not) Change Your Life

The Funniest Marketing Fails Of All Time

11 Musical Action Figures

11 Most Overrated Things In History

Colleges Actually Worth Their Cost

The Top 5 Mel Gibson Internet Creations

The Internet In Film

Jul 11 2010

Random Web Findings – A Buncha Stuff

Seriously….there’s a lot:

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Apr 11 2010

Random Web Findings – NME, Twitter, Deftones, Etc.

NME’s 50 Awesome Music Movies – missing Be Here to Love Me, and a little British, but still a pretty cool list.

The Twitter Pack: 20 Tweeters You Should Be Following – other than @whiteycorngood, of course.

Huffington Post’s Top 10 Hipster Schools

Ten Film Critics You Should Follow On Twitter

The 8 Most Absurd Music Bans of All Time

Five Reasons I’m Still Not Paying For a Music Subscription Service

R.E.M. turned 30 this week.  Rolling Stone had the best tribute to the group.

And here’s the video for Deftones’ “Rocket Skates,” the first single from Diamond Eyes, out in May.