Oct 21 2010

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Poll: Enthusiasm Gap Favoring GOP, No Myth

The New Republic: Democrats Twisting In The Wind

DADT Conflict Explained: Why Obama Administration Lawyers Fight For A DADT Policy Obama Opposes

Oct 7 2010

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Whatever Happened to Alternative Nation? Part 1 – 1990

How the Left Alienated Millions of Americans

Every Song That Apple Has Ever Used for Advertising

Sep 27 2010

Recommended Reading: Random Articles 9/27/10

The Scary Staleness of Truth Telling by Marty Kaplan

John Lennon At 70!

The Human Behind ICP Fans Against Juggalos Speaks

Sep 25 2010

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Bill Maher – New Rule: Rich People Who Complain About Being Vilified Should Be Vilified

Will the Verizon iPhone Ever Exist?

Social Media – Easier Than You Think

Sep 15 2010

Recommended Reading: Random Articles 9/15/10

Apparently, the Village Voice is relevant again.  This article has plenty of recent highlights from their always-improving writing staff…..

Including this one, an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon that is the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Today, Consequence of Sound released their Top 100 Albums of All Time list, and it’s pretty damn impressive, if you ask me. Take a gander.

Finally, Pitchfork had a pretty cool article on the new trend in indie album covers – amateur retro photography.  Think the latest from Vampire Weekend and Crystal Castles.