Random Web Findings – A Buncha Stuff

Seriously….there’s a lot:

Senior Citizens Say The Darndest Things: The Craziest Old People Of All Time (VIDEO)

B&L Hipster Checklist for Moving

Big Boi Breaks Down OutKast’s Top Videos of All-Time

The Top Tweets Of The Week

Animated Albums

The CitID Project – Graphic Design Submissions Honoring Cities – Check Out Austin’s Logo!

11 Strange Things LeBron Said During “The Decision”

Fighting With Loved Ones Over Art

Win, Lose, and Draw: 2010 in Austin Music (so far)

Top 50 Photography Movies Photo Fans Must See

Top 10 Brooklyn Vegan Comments To Video Of The Beach Fossils Dude Throwing His Bass Into The East River

100 Essential Female Film Performances

Top 50 Albums of 2010.5 – Amazon

Best TV of 2010: A mid-year top 10 list – CNN

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie offer epic Summertime: The Mixtape for free

10 Favorite Beers for Breakfast

Wine Enthusiast Mag’s Top 10 American Spirits

100 Essential Male Film Performances

10 Most Controversial Horror Films of All Time

10 Surprisingly Recession-Proof Industries

10 Ways to Prepare for a New York City Blackout

13 People With Permanent Tattoos Based On Passing Internet Fads

5 Best Movie Traffic Jams

10 Movies Hipsters Need to Get Over

The Most Average Releases of June 2010

Patton Oswalt”s 10 Favorite Criterion Collection Films

Top 10 Last Words By Famous Musicians

The 10 Worst Answers to ‘What Kind of Music Do You Listen To?”

21 Songs That Prove 2010 Has Been A Startlingly Good Year For New Music

50 Fattiest Foods in All 50 States

IMPOSE Magazine’s Op-Ed on Pitchfork’s New Blog CollectiveAltered Zones

Top 10 Children’s Character Makeovers

5 Things Companies Should Consider Before Building a Mobile App

The Top 10 Coolest Music-Video Explosions

8 Lessons on Branding From 8 Musical Legends

Top 50 Albums of 2010 So Far – NPR

Gifs of Popular Rappers

Paste Magazine:

Paste Guide to Twitter

Historical Timeline of the Evolution of Vampires in Pop Culture

Awesome of the Day: Star Trek/Tik Tok Mash-up

Awesome of the Day: Frank Chimero’s The States Project

Jeff Mills Releases Vinyl/CD Hybrid

USA vs. England World Cup Game Recreated with Legos

Awesome of the Day: The Johnny Cash Project

Awesome of the Day: Muziic DJ

Awesome of the Day: HitRECord.org

Eleven Lovely Tumblrs to Oogle (Because, Really, it’s Too Hot Outside to Read)

Nine Cool Things to Do With Your YouTube Account

The Candwich Dilemma: Nine Things That Exist Even Though They Shouldn’t

The 10 Best (And 10 Wonderfully Worst) TV Dads of All Time

The Ten Best Animated Music Videos

Five Great Movies about Days Off to Watch on your Day Off

Pop Pyrotechnics: Fifteen Fireworks Plus Songs by Which to Explode Them

Ten July Albums Worth Checking Out

Signs of Life in the World Cup’s Elite Eight Countries

The 10 Best Time-Travel Movies of All Time

Retiring the Throne: The Very Best of Larry King

Robots We’d Send To Stop The Oil Leak

Seventeen Music and Movie Website Superlatives

Fourteen Golden-Age All That Cast Members and What They’re up to Now

A Dozen Musical Artists and the Sports Teams They’ve Rocked For

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