Apr 29 2011

Recommended Reading 4/29/11

The Onion AV Club Review – The Office: “Goodbye Michael”

Slate – Steve Carell’s Achievement

Rolling Stone – Steve Carell Has Left the Building

Jul 8 2010

Five Shows That Should Be Syndicated Forever

Here is a short list of shows that must forever run re-runs during the afternoon and late at night on those programming-hungry networks, local, national, et al.  Without these quality shows, I would surely go insane.  And some should be shown forever for more important reasons – they give us a glimpse into a time period lost to the past, and help us prepare for the future of television.

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Apr 15 2010

5 Things That Can Do No Wrong In My Book (And 2 Other Related Lists)

Some of the things I love come under intense fire and scrutiny, and I am forced to intensely defend them.  Conversely, there are things that I am done defending – they have crossed a certain line of mediocrity that I cannot follow.  And then there are a few things that certainly have made mistakes, but I have not given up on yet.

So, because, as you know, I love lists, after the jump you will be treated to five things I constantly defend, five things I’m done defending, and five things that I feel still deserve defense, even if they’ve slipped up recently.

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Mar 22 2010

Recommended Reading: Chuck Klosterman – Eating the Dinosaur

Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman (2009, Scribner)

I was first introduced to Chuck Klosterman through SPIN magazine back in junior high, and I have bought and read every single non-fiction work he has written.  His irreverent, humorous writing links philosophy and pop culture in a unique way.  And while his latest may not be his OVERALL best (Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs is hard to beat), Eating the Dinosaur is classic Klosterman at his best.

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