May 22 2011

Sunday Night Videos 5/22/11

JAMES BLAKE – LINDISFARNE from martin de thurah on Vimeo.

Aug 1 2010

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Apr 29 2010

The Top Five SNL Movies

Tonight I’m going with friends to a special private screening of MacGruber, the latest SNL-related film.  As with most Saturday Night Live movies, I’m not expecting Oscar caliber material, but a good time and a few laughs.  Lorne Michaels hasn’t commissioned a film based on the sketch comedy of the show in ten years, the last being 2000’s The Ladies Man.  In light of my escapades tonight, I’m taking a look at my personal favorite SNL movies from the past.  Some you will agree with, some will make you cringe, but all are funny movies that are, at least somewhat, dear to my SNL-loving heart.

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Apr 18 2010

Random Web Findings – ICP, Rock Operas, Selling Out

True/Slant’s 10 Best Journalism Movies

Miami Herald’s Favorite Neighbor Movies

Spinner’s 10 Best Rock Operas

CNET observes if bands can sell out any more.

10 Things the Internet Has Killed Or Ruined (from PC World)

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the official video for Insane Clown Posse’s “Miracles,” funny all on its own.

And here’s the hilarious SNL parody.

Apr 15 2010

5 Things That Can Do No Wrong In My Book (And 2 Other Related Lists)

Some of the things I love come under intense fire and scrutiny, and I am forced to intensely defend them.  Conversely, there are things that I am done defending – they have crossed a certain line of mediocrity that I cannot follow.  And then there are a few things that certainly have made mistakes, but I have not given up on yet.

So, because, as you know, I love lists, after the jump you will be treated to five things I constantly defend, five things I’m done defending, and five things that I feel still deserve defense, even if they’ve slipped up recently.

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Apr 12 2010

Ruff, Rugged, and Roker!

I have been super lazy with the blog as of late; hopefully I’ll shape up tomorrow and actually write something.  In the meantime, however, I figured I would share with you the funniest sketch of this weekend’s SNL, hosted by Tina Fey.  Happy Monday!

Apr 3 2010

The Funniest Thing I Saw All Week – 4/3/10

Watch John Belushi – With A Little Help From My Friend in Comedy |  View More Free Videos Online at