May 31 2010

Catching Up With the Kids – 5/31/10

Occasionally I browse the pop music world/charts/blogs and see what the kids are listening to.  Sometimes I am pleased with what I find, most of the time I am not.  This is a journal of my discoveries.

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Apr 25 2010

Random Web Findings – Film Lists, Hipster 411, Earth Day

Ten Musicians Who Definitely Know When Earth Day Is

A Cool Site Dedicated to Alcohol In Film –

25 Movies That Shook the World of Fashion

SPIN’s 125 Best Albums of the Past 25 Years

A Great Discussion: Why Read the Book Before the Movie Version?

Paste Magazine – The 30 Best Beer Bars In America

How Hipsters Date

The 25 Best Movie Remakes of All Time

32 Signs You’re Not a Hipster Anymore

Paste Magazine – Ten May Albums Worth Checking Out

Paste Magazine – Eight Things I’ve Learned About Justin Bieber Without Even Trying

Paste Magazine – Six Amazing Mashup Albums

Paste Magazine – The Ten Best Led Zeppelin Songs

Apr 10 2010

The Funniest Thing I Saw All Week 4/10/10

A bonus pic after the jump (NSFW).

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