Catching Up With the Kids – 5/31/10

Occasionally I browse the pop music world/charts/blogs and see what the kids are listening to.  Sometimes I am pleased with what I find, most of the time I am not.  This is a journal of my discoveries.

Catching Up On: Justin Bieber

This kid is pretty much the reason why Twitter exists, apparently, and he’s so super hot right now.  And for good reason.  I’ve only heard two tracks from this kid, but they’re pretty banging.  The production is slick and the choruses are top notch.  His voice is almost identical to an 11-year old Michael Jackson, quite a feat considering he’s 16.  When his balls drop he might have to trade the croon for more of a sex swagger a la Justin Timberlake, but for now he’s Disney pop gold.  The refrains on the following two tracks are too catchy not to enjoy, and it doesn’t hurt when you recruit the best platinum Dirty South rapper out there, Mr. Ludacris.

Catching Up On: Ke$ha

So basically, you know that drunk sorority bitch who ruins the party and says the dumbest shit?  You know, the trashy-looking one that keeps hitting on every guy and throwing up on the porch?  The one that has spent her whole life shopping instead of going to class?  Well, they gave her a record deal.  As witnessed on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, the results have been atrocious and semi-hilarious.

However, she obviously has been able to recruit a decent production team behind her, as the infectious “Your Love Is My Drug” will prove.  But one good song does not a diva make.

Catching Up On: Christina Aguilera

I’ve always thought Xtina was pretty fantastic; she manages, in the style of Madonna and other great female performers, to twist a trend into her own style rather than simply following it.  She re-invents herself with every album, and, in lieu of pop radio’s Eurodance fascination as of late, she’s dropped the horns from her last effort (see the amazing “Ain’t No Other Man”) and replaced them with blips and beeps.  I’ve heard three songs, however, and I’m not feeling it this time around.  It doesn’t really feel like Christina brought her A-game to this project.  One exception is the inevitable hit “Woohoo,” embedded below.  Maybe the others will grow on me, because I’m sure to hear them a million times this summer.

Catching Up On: Jason Derulo

Electro-fused R&B singers have been popping up seemingly out of nowhere, and Derulo seems to be the recent chart-topping leader.  He butchered a perfectly good Imogen Heap song to claim his throne, but his latest hit, “Ridin’ Solo” has a little more going for it.  Listen to both below and decide for yourself, but my opinion is that this guy might be the epitome of generic for his style of pop, the same way Nickleback are for theirs.

Catching Up On: Iyaz

Not exactly new, but it looks like he’s on his way to being one of the first one-hit wonders of the decade.  While “Replay” was unavoidable, the new track “Solo” did absolutely nothing.  While Derulo has better hooks and a stronger voice, guys like Iyaz are getting left out in the cold.  And it’s probably for the best.

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