Jul 30 2011

Culture Greyhound Podcast 7/30/11

Every Saturday, I post a 15-20 minute podcast featuring some tracks I’ve been jamming the previous week, as well as some commentary and random musings from yours truly. Enjoy!


Starsmith – Lesson One
Mikal Cronin – Apathy
Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk
The Morning Benders – Last Nite (Strokes cover)
They Might Be Giants – You Don’t Like Me

Apr 26 2011

Happy They Might Be Giants Awareness Day!

Today is They Might Be Giants Awareness Day! If you don’t know who They Might Be Giants are, a couple of things:

1) They are one of the most aweseomest bands on the planet.
2) Where have you been, dude? They’ve been around since, like, the early ’80s!

So anyway, get educated! Stream the new Join Us EP over at Spinner, and peep the videos below. And if you know about TMBG, spread the word! Today’s the day!
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Aug 10 2010

A Blog Post For My Sis

Today my sis is coming to visit me! I love my sis. More than my fleeting indie cred. So this post is for her.  These are a few of her favorite videos.

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Aug 2 2010

My Ten Favorite Music Videos With Animation

The title says it all; Paste did a similar list a few weeks ago, but I wanted to give my .02, so enjoy these classics.


Honorable Mention: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

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May 13 2010

Five Unusual, Yet Effective, Love Songs

May 3 2010

120 Minutes Ruled

This weekend I visited my family in my hometown of Gruver, Texas, a small town with a Dairy Queen, a gas station, my high school alma mater, and many cows.  So needless to say, I was bored out of my mind.  Luckily my parents have satellite television.  I stumbled onto VH1 Classic, always a treat while at home, and caught some old school videos, concerts, interviews, and one pretty awesome special on Steely Dan’s Aja album.

But the best thing on VH1 Classic, by far, is their two-hour 3AM homage to the old MTV staple 120 Minutes.  In the block, they play old alt videos from (mostly) the 80’s, though an occasional 90’s video crept up in the playlist.  After the jump is a sampling of pretty excellent retro videos I saw while suffering from sleep deprivation and waiting for the next Skinemax movie to come on.

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