Jan 15 2011

Currently Digging: Kid Sister – Kiss Kiss Kiss Mixtape

The Chicago princess is back with a banging new mixtape from Fool’s Gold.  Download it for free here.  It’s littered with mashups, remixes, new tracks, and other Kid Sis goodies, all in a banging seamless mix.

Jan 5 2011

Top 200 Tracks of 2010 – 100-51

100. Vampire Weekend – White Sky

99. The National – Lemonworld

98. Magic Kids – Superball

97. Drake – Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)

96. Free Energy – Bang Pop

95. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

94. Evan Voytas – Our Thing

93. DOM – Burn Bridges

92. Games – Strawberry Skies

91. Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass

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Aug 10 2010

A Blog Post For My Sis

Today my sis is coming to visit me! I love my sis. More than my fleeting indie cred. So this post is for her.  These are a few of her favorite videos.

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Jul 13 2010

My Top 100 Songs of 2009 – 20-11

Today I continue my ten-part series showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of last year.

20. Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

We waited a long time for Ultraviolet, and it was worth it.  Sure, most of the tracks had been previously heard (thank you Internet), but having them all in one cohesive package made for a pretty stellar dance mixtape.  Not to mention it began with this banger, an ode to “stackin’ money and drinkin’ all night.” How could you not get that hand up high?

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Jun 14 2010

Currently Digging: Dominique Young Unique

Discovered by FADER, praised by Pitchfork, and Buzzworthy’d by MTV, 18-year old Tampa native Dominique Young Unique is a wild hip-hop upstart with a flow that venomously deceives.  She may look and act sweet in interviews, but the quick and wit of this new female lyricist is intimidating.  My good friend Eric opened my eyes to DYU, whose new amazing mixtape Domination just hit the Internet this week (download it for free here – HIGHLY recommended); throughout, the girl’s got a flow that would stop peers Kid Sister and Rye Rye in their tracks.  Check a sampling of swagger below.

Dominique Young Unique – Blaster

Dominque Young Unique – War Talk

Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass

Jun 4 2010

My Weekend Will Rock

Here’s what I’m doing this weekend (and beyond)!  Be jealous.

Friday – Kid Sister @ Mohawk

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May 6 2010

My Top 100 Songs of 2009 – 60-51

Today I continue my ten-part series showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of last year.

60. tUnE-yArDs – Sunlight

Simple, repetitive, and one-note at first, but the tracks then grows with an excellent chorus and layers of bass and guitar after the listener gets used to the unique drum pattern.  As we continue listening, more layers of sound surface, including what sound like sampled background vocals.  The song builds to an final explosive chorus that, by this time, you should be able to sing along with.  An unusual, but powerful, demonstration of progression in pop, “Sunlight” is a treat every time.

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