Feb 19 2022

Album Review: Band of Horses – Everything All The Time (#MWE)

One listen to Everything All The Time, and I know that I should have listened to it sooner. Specifically, I should have listened to it in college, when it was fairly new. The debut album from Band of Horses would have aided my recent heartbreak from my high school sweetheart; its twangy, sun-soaked melancholy would have contributed positively to the soundtrack to my coming of age, as I danced in dingy bars in Lubbock, Texas, drunk off the cheapest beer on the menu.

Instead I discovered the band through their sophomore album Cease To Begin, which I still find to be the superior of the two. By then, the majority of the band had left Ben Bridwell to his own devices, and he evolved the group’s My Morning Jacket-aping tendencies into something more distinct, earnest, and effusive. By contrast, Everything All The Time finds Band of Horses beginning to develop their Southern-tinged heartland indie bona fides, with occasional moments of sheer brilliance, as on all-timer “The Funeral.”

Bridwell’s yearning yelp understandably draws comparisons to Jim James, as his band incorporates steady mid-tempo rhythms and resonant guitar plucking to great emotional effect. The project tends to drag in the second half, with the exception of “Weed Party,” a wistful rocker about getting into youthful trouble.

Band of Horses certainly found their lane with the follow-up, then almost immediately lost the plot for the next decade, as their signature sound devolved into nondescript coffeeshop rock. The early stuff, however, still has the tendency to tug at the heartstrings.

Score: 7/10

Apr 27 2011

My Top 300 Songs of the 2000s – 30-21

Today I continue my ongoing feature showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of the past decade, posting ten songs at a time.

30. Johnny Cash – Hurt

Some artists are so talented they have the capability to make a cover song sound like their very own creation.  The Beatles, Tom Waits, and, most recently, Lissie, come to mind.  But no one did it like the Man In Black.  Johnny took Soundgarden’s grunge-ridden “Rusty Cage” and made it a Wild West, gun slinging, outlaw affair.  And then he took Nine Inch Nails’ haunting, spooky “Hurt” and turned it into a somber deathbed lamentation.

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Jan 20 2011

My Top 300 Songs of the 2000s – 70-61

Today I continue my ongoing feature showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of the past decade, posting ten songs at a time.

70. Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost

The first track off Cease to Begin is a great introduction to Band of Horses’ second disc – it’s a beautiful rising track with the simple, repeated lyrics “I could sleep” and “When I lived alone, is there a ghost in my house.”  What follows is a near-flawless album that embodies the Southern spirit and indie charm this now-immensely popular group delivers.

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Jan 10 2011

Top 50 Albums of 2010 – 50-41

50. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today

      1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round

49. OFF! – First Four EPs

      2. OFF! - Panic Attack

48. Marnie Stern – S/T

      3. Marnie Stern - For Ash

47. Crystal Castles – S/T

      4. Crystal Castles - Baptism

46. The White Stripes – Under Great White Northern Lights

      5. The White Stripes - Black Math (Live)

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Jan 5 2011

Top 200 Tracks of 2010 – 100-51


      1. Vampire Weekend - White Sky


      2. The National - Lemonworld


      3. Magic Kids - Superball


      4. Drake - Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj)


      5. Free Energy - Bang Pop


      6. Katy Perry - Teenage Dream


      7. Evan Voytas - Our Thing


      8. DOM - Burn Bridges


      9. Games - Strawberry Skies


      10. Dominique Young Unique - Show My Ass

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Jan 4 2011

Top 200 Tracks of 2010 – 150-101


      1. Toro y Moi - Causers Of This


      2. Toadies - Pink


      3. Surfer Blood - Take It Easy


      4. Local Natives - Warning Sign


      5. Dominque Young Unique - War Talk


      6. Magic Kids - Good To Be


      7. Rihanna - Cheers (Drink To That)


      8. Deftones - Royal


      9. Wavves - Super Soaker


      10. Thrift Store Cowboys - One Gentle Inch To Nine Violent Miles

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Jan 3 2011

Top 200 Tracks of 2010 – 200-151


      1. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold


      2. Delorean - Real Love


      3. Band of Horses - On My Way Back Home


      4. Games - Heartlands


      5. Cults - Oh My God


      6. El Guincho - Bombay


      7. Marnie Stern - Nothing Left


      8. Interpol - Barricade


      9. Ke$ha - Your Love Is My Drug


      10. Janelle Monae - Make the Bus (feat. of Montreal)

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Jul 20 2010

My Top 300 Songs of the 2000s – 210-201

Today I continue my ongoing feature showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of the past decade, posting ten songs at a time.

210. The Go! Team – Universal Speech

Cheerleader chanting, party-inducing raps, and cheeky melodies made the Go! Team an indie rock sensation right around the time I entered college in 2005.  This rarely-referenced album track from the sophomore effort Proof of Youth is one of my personal favorites.  I’m pretty sure it’s that infectious drum beat at the beginning and the way it glides along with that piano line.  It’s a surefire way to get sampled in hip-hop in the future, that’s for sure.

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Jul 1 2010

Quarterly Review: April-June 2010

Once every three months I list the best of what I heard in albums/songs/remixes for the quarter. I do this to personally keep up with all the awesome music I hear, as it ultimately helps me at the end of the year when I do my overall listing for the previous twelve months. I also do it to introduce you cool cats to tunes you may have missed independently.
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