Nov 10 2011

R. Kelly Writes A Song About His Tonsil Surgery (And It’s Awesome)

The plain-speaking mind that brought you “Trapped In the Closet” is planning for a spring 2012 release of his autobiography. The title? Why, Soula Coaster of course. And now Kells has a new untitled track dedicated to all them haters bringing “negative shit” about how he was “washed up” because his voice was shot. If this song is the evidence, it’s pretty apparent R’s vocals are far from gone. Quite the oppostie, in fact. And the hook? “Shut Up, Shut up, I’m talking to you.” Catchy as all hell. Kelly’s back, baby!

Best line: Referring to the reproductive power of his music – “How many babies been made off me? OMG.” Listen at Pitchfork….you just have to.

Oct 29 2010

My Top 300 Songs of the 2000s – 130-121

Today I continue my ongoing feature showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of the past decade, posting ten songs at a time.

130. Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?

Just a couple of days ago, I talked about how awesome this song is, but as fate would have it, the list compels me to elaborate.  In three-and-a-half glorious minutes, Wayne Coyne sums up our life….or at least it feels like he does.  With a simple question, he gives the most personal compliment to everyone listening, then continues to examine the beauty we take for granted – the sun, our friendships, our life.  It’s a sweet call for a simple enjoyment of who we are and what we’re doing, in this very moment of our fleeting lives.  Because it’s hard to make the good things last….

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?
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May 13 2010

Five Unusual, Yet Effective, Love Songs