Nov 19 2010

It’s Friday Night. Let’s Party.

Oct 30 2010

Halloween Videos and Such

Oct 23 2010

90’s Bands! Alt Rock Saturday! Get Psyched!

Oct 11 2010

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Oct 1 2010

The Internet Is a Crazy Place – 10/1/10

Anderson Cooper has been on a roll lately:

Sep 18 2010

Beards Are A Beautiful Thing

Since the dawn of man, there has been facial hair on men.  In the pre-razor times, it was more prominent.  But once the crafts of shaving and grooming became customary, beards were unjustly shunned, taken away from the face and chin of man. Men were stripped of their rights to grow their beards, soul patches, and goatees for the world to see.  High schools made it regulatory for young men, in the prime of their beardy days, to remain clean-shaven.  It was frowned upon to wear a beard with pride or as a fashion statement of sorts.  Abraham Lincoln was impeached and publicly beaten. It was a terrible, shameful time.

Luckily, those days have passed, and the expression of facial hair for men (and occasionally, women) is now accepted and tolerated.  But is it praised?  Is there still some shunning involved amongst fellow beard wearers?  Will we ever truly be able to grow a beard without the judging eye of society cast down upon us?

Fortunately, there is one voice out there embracing the beauty of the beard, one face amongst the crowd standing up for this creative form of expression, one woman who understands our plight and seeks to showcase the wonderful world of growing hair on one’s face.  That woman is my good friend Julie, and her new blog is Bearded Beauties.  Check it out, bookmark it, live it, love it, and help join the movement to unintentionally put Gillette out of business.  Because there is nothing more prideful, more incredible, more individual, than a beard.

And shaving’s for chicks, dude.

Aug 15 2010

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Aug 10 2010

A Blog Post For My Sis

Today my sis is coming to visit me! I love my sis. More than my fleeting indie cred. So this post is for her.  These are a few of her favorite videos.

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Aug 5 2010

A Few Cool Fairly New Videos

Janelle Monae – Cold War

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Aug 1 2010

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