Oct 24 2012

Watch: Wu Tang Clan/The Roots – “Protect Ya Neck” (Live on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon)

Part of their first TV appearance in a decade, this one’s a web exclusive.

Nov 20 2011

Sunday Night Videos 11/20/11

Black Lips – “Raw Meat” from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

Nov 13 2011

Sunday Night Videos 11/13/11

“Black Nails” by Pictureplane (HD) from Milton Croissant III on Vimeo.

Dec 22 2010

My Top 300 Songs of the 2000s – 80-71

Today I continue my ongoing feature showcasing my personal picks for the best songs of the past decade, posting ten songs at a time.

80. The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

The opening track from White Blood Cells squeals to life, Jack White’s guitar screeching into a staple new-blues riff before Meg pounds in and all hell breaks loose.  For many, it would be the first we would hear from this Detroit duo, and first impressions have a lasting impact.  Jack and Meg needn’t worry – they certainly got our attention.

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Oct 1 2010

The Internet Is a Crazy Place – 10/1/10

Anderson Cooper has been on a roll lately: