Jan 2 2012

Quarterly Review – October-December 2011

Once every three months I list the best of what I heard in albums/songs/remixes for the quarter. I do this to personally keep up with all the awesome music I hear, as it ultimately helps me at the end of the year when I do my overall listing for the previous twelve months. I also do it to introduce you cool cats to tunes you may have missed independently.

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Dec 20 2011

The Top 200 Songs of 2011 – 150-101

150. Drake feat. The Weeknd – Crew Love

This is the first of many times for both these artists on the list. Here the Weeknd provides his eerie tortured-party R&B before the beat drops and Drake laments.

149. Cass McCombs – County Line

McCombs brings another signature somber note in his trademark melancholy falsetto. One of my favorites from Wit’s End.

148. Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

The first verse of this track more or less describes my life right now – realizing we are not unique snowflakes but small cogs in a machine we don’t know about yet. Simple, yet poignant.

147. The Joy Formidable – Magnifying Glass

From the maniacal laughter to the thumping stomp of that chorus to those wailing guitars, Joy Formidable claim the throne as the loudest new band of 2011.

146. YACHT – Dystopia

A play on an old R-rated cheerleader chant becomes a boogie-worthy ode to the end of the world. In typical Yacht fashion, it makes you wanna dance around the flames.

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Nov 19 2011

Culture Greyhound Podcast 11/19/11

Every Saturday, I post a 15-20 minute podcast featuring some tracks I’ve been jamming the previous week, as well as some commentary and random musings from yours truly. Enjoy!


Azealia Banks – 212
Gauntlet Hair – Mop It Up
Ryan Adams – Lucky Now
Skream – Anticipate (feat. Sam Frank)
Madden Brothers – Firetruck (Kreayshawn X Hollywood Holt)
Yuck – Milkshake

Oct 16 2011

Sunday Night Videos 10/16/11

PAPA: “I Am The Lion King” from Hit City U.S.A. on Vimeo.

Aug 25 2011

New Ryan Adams – “Lucky Now”

It’s been a short spell since we’ve heard much new material from the Whiskeytown rebel, and his last efforts, Cardinology, the heavy metal experiment Orion, and the outtakes disc III/IV, left much to be desired. But from the sound of Ryan Adams’ latest leak, the first from Ashes and Fire, it seems he’s got his soft, sweet swagger back. The melody is akin to fine craftsmanship from Adams’ last great album, 2008’s Easy Tiger. The new disc – that’s the album art above, by the way – drops October 11th.

Lucky Now by ryanadams