Dec 22 2011

The Top 200 Songs of 2011 – 50-21

50. Surfer Blood – Miranda

To whet our appetite in between LPs, Surfer Blood released a rocking little EP featuring this excellent little tune.

49. Starsmith – Lesson One

Another band I know little about, but this played nonstop in my car last spring. A great ode to the unrequited and the ones that got away.

48. Cloud Nothings – Understand At All

Another catchy lo-fi power pop rocker from this group’s self-titled debut. Enjoy it while you can, because the follow-up promises to be darker and more ambitious.

47. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

This Internet sensation crept onto FM radio with this undeniable, absolutely fun track. Bonus points for rhyming “over me” with “ovaries.”

46. Born Gold – Decimate Everything

My first introduction to the newly named Born Gold, and I was immediately hooked. There is a remarkable gift here in making the unorganized sound so irresistible.

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Sep 5 2011

The Songs of Summer 2011

Today is Labor Day and I’m a week into school, so for me, and many others, summer 2011 is over and done with, even though my thermometer and the official calendar would disagree. Last night it cooled down here in Austin to “West Texas evening” degrees, which is good enough for me to declare that autumn approacheth, though it’s probably going to take its sweet time getting here. Anywho, as is the case this time every year, I have compiled a short list of my “songs of the summer.” Some people like lazy-time summers filled with laid-back tunes and relaxing choruses. Me, I’m more of a “let’s dance all season long” kind of guy, and this selection reflects that. What are your favorite songs from the past 3-4 months? What were you rocking while dehydrating?

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Jul 1 2011

Quarterly Review – April-June 2011

Once every three months I list the best of what I heard in albums/songs/remixes for the quarter. I do this to personally keep up with all the awesome music I hear, as it ultimately helps me at the end of the year when I do my overall listing for the previous twelve months. I also do it to introduce you cool cats to tunes you may have missed independently.

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Jun 4 2011

Culture Greyhound Podcast 6/4/11

Every Saturday, I post a 15-20 minute podcast featuring some tracks I’ve been jamming the previous week, as well as some commentary and random musings from yours truly. Enjoy!


Swizz Beatz feat. Eve – Everyday (Coolin’)
Blood Orange – Dinner
Shabazz Places – Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)
Diplo & Douster – ON!

Jun 1 2011

Catching Up With the Kids 6/1/11

Occasionally I browse the pop music world/charts/blogs and see what the kids are listening to. Sometimes I am pleased with what I find, most of the time I am not. This is a journal of my discoveries.

Catching Up On: Wacka Flocka Flame

Although Pitchfork gave the album an 8.0, I really don’t understand the appeal.  This guy’s lyrics are unintelligible, and frankly, when I can understand them, they’re pretty simple.  And while that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker for me (I did give Wiz Khalifa a thumbs up several days ago), the melody and production don’t really add any plus signs for me.  This radio hit, which I’ve been unable to avoid lately, is jawdroppingly atrocious.

Catching Up On: Big Time Rush

Apparently this is a tween sensation that’s been around for years on Nickelodeon, but this is the hit that will cross them over to the pop radio masses, Bieber style.  The tune itself is pretty catchy, it’s good for a Friday night club run, though I could do without the continuing destruction of the legacy of Snoop Dogg.

Catching Up On: Mindless Behavior

Another R&B-based boy band, they all look 14 years old and are produced pretty slickly and whathaveyou.  Watch the video, and you can tell they all think they’re Usher, but it doesn’t hide the fact the melody is straight-up Disney.  And the lyrics, a romantic homage to texting your honey, are just pretty damn hilarious.

Catching Up On: Fabolous

Now to the good stuff: while I’m not necessarily “catching up on” Fabolous, who has been awesome for years, this new single is banging.  This is what the rap radio game needs right now, an elder statesmen showing everybody how it’s done.

Catching Up On: Swizz Beatz

Hardest beat on the charts right now, and it needs to be on the radio more.  In the same vein as his collaboration with Jay Z in “On To the Next One” (even the video is similar), Swizz keeps it simple and LOUD. And remember Eve? Yeah, she’s on here too.