Aug 9 2011

Currently Digging: Big Black Delta

Back in high school, deep in my discovery of the FM-based WOXY web stream, I ran across a pretty excellent song from a band called Mellowdrone, a track called “Fashionably Uninvited.”

That was way back in 2003, but apparently Jonathan Bates and his crew in Mellowdrone have been making music nonstop since, releasing their latest LP in 2009. However, lately, Bates has gone solo with a new project called Big Black Delta, which sounds less like the guitar-based mellow rock of his main project and more like the electro-based, New Order-loving flavor the kids are into these days, akin to Cold Cave and Hooray For Earth. Bates has the sound down, yes, but he adds vocal effects and experimental textures to it for a downright unique, and sometimes foreboding, atmosphere. Tracks like “Huggin’ and Kissin'” and his collaboration with M83 for the Tron: Legacy remix album best display this, and are instant highlights.

Check out the snazzy BBD player below, featuring singles and all of the new EP1; all the tracks are available for free download at the Big Black Delta website.