Dec 21 2010

Paragraph Reviews 12/21/10

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Boardwalk Empire – Season 1

Since major plot points are more or less developed thanks to American history, the real joy of Boardwalk Empire is subtle character development.  Buscemi leads a stellar supporting cast throughout 1920’s Atlantic City, at the beginning of the passage of Prohibition and the dawn of woman suffrage.  The slow transformation of Nucky Thompson from a shady politician to a full-on killer is made slowly and surely, just as Jimmy predicted in the pilot it would.  Meanwhile, characters like Agent Van Alden and Margaret Schroeder and their subtle mutations into insanity and independence, respectively, make this show evenly paced and yet captivating week by week.  And the violence is pretty awesome too.

Rating: 8

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Aug 3 2010

Five More Television Programs I Adore

A couple months ago, I posted a small list of TV shows I love. Turns out I watch a lot of TV. Here are five more. What are your favorites? What else should I start watching?

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