Dec 3 2010

Strawberry Dreams Forever

My favorite noise-punk, Half Japanese-channeling brothers the Numerators have been repping Lubbock right lately, receiving much-deserved press in Weekly Tape Deck and Pitchfork’s black sheep sister site Altered Zones.  And while those sites all by themselves get enough traffic to provide my old triangle-loving friends some crazy publicity, I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do my part here at Culture Greyhound.

The guys have a limited-release split 7-inch with Athens’ the Coathangers, available from Suicide Squeeze Records.  Grab it right here.  The song on the vinyl in question is one of the finest Numerators tracks, like, ever – a grimy, loud, distorted bounce-worthy tune called “Strawberry Dreams.”  Grab it and become a fan already!

The Numerators – Strawberry Dreams

Apr 5 2010

My Friends Blog Too

My Internet is really spotty today, so nothing elaborate for your Monday.  Instead, I invite you to check out some pretty spectacular blogs done by people I know (all of which can be found to the right, along with many others).

Adult Acid – music-related blog by my good friend Burgers, specializing in the weird/post-rock stuff that sometimes isn’t accessible, but always cutting-edge.

The Numerators – highly entertaining as of late, since these boys are currently on tour promoting their new EP

Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno – my good buddy Alan and his lady friend Kelly are contributors to this fairly high-traffic site (as well as Kelly’s sister, I’m told), which is a pretty cool read in terms of fashion, photography, music, and pretty much whatever else these peeps feel like sharing.

So Let the Horror Flow – my buddy Daniel Markham’s horror blog.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Rad Works – Rachel Daily’s creative mind laid out for all to see.  Always an interesting read.

Media Mirage – my partner in crime Laura’s blog – she’s a journalism nut, and I’m always educated when I make the trip to her corner of the Web.

This is just a sample – check the links to the right for more awesome blogs by awesome people.  And if you want your blog listed, let me know in the comments.  Just be sure and return the favor, cool kids.

Apr 2 2010

Currently Digging: The Numerators

Take ten minutes out of your life and listen to the best EP you’ll hear all spring – The Numerators‘ sprawling, six-track ride that is Human Blanket.  It’s available for free on the Lubbock trio’s blog, and you West-Coasters should pick up the cassette version when they come to your town this month.  The EP is a great introductory course to the band’s wild, colorful, frenetic live presence.  Before you know it, it’s over, and you’re not sure what exactly happened, but you know it was definitely fun.  The boys are like Half Japanese on ginseng…..and other substances.

The Numerators – That’s So Raiden

The Numerators – Rip It