Apr 2 2011

Culture Greyhound Podcast 4/2/11

Every Saturday, I post a 15-20 minute podcast featuring some tracks I’ve been jamming the previous week, as well as some commentary and random musings from yours truly. Enjoy!

Microphone’s not working properly this week, so it’s just tunes this time around. It’s all good stuff, though, so crank it!


The Grenadines – Reservations
Cloud Nothings – Local Joke (Neon Indian cover)
The Weeknd – Wicked Games
Pusha T – Touch It (feat. Kanye West)
Daniel Markham – The Devil

Mar 28 2011

Currently Digging: The Grenadines

Above you can stream/download the new full-length self-titled album from Birmingham’s the Grenadines, an awesome psych-rock outfit with a Southern tinge.  “Reservations” evokes the grungy dirge of sludge rockers Black Mountain, but the crew has a distinct, positive range in melody as well, as is shown by the beautiful “Firecracker” and “Counting Backwards.”

The LP is a quick listen, clocking in at just under 35 minutes with twelve songs, most of which are under three minutes.  It’s a fine introduction to a group I’m certain we’re going to be hearing more about in the future.

I’m making it a lifelong goal to get the Grenadines to tour with St. Vincent.  Then they can tour Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. …let the record show I was the first person to ever do that joke.