Oct 15 2010

Currently Digging: The Corin Tucker Band

Corin Tucker, formerly of Sleater-Kinney fame, has released her first solo album with her new backing group, and while the results arguably aren’t as revolutionary as the work she put in with her seminal 90’s band, the music is still memorable.

The title track, in particular, shows 1000 Years as an album revealing a revered musician trying brave new things.  The screech of the riot grrl sound is minimal here, as the disc opens with a soft, acoustic-led song and moves to the poppy, jumpy “Half a World Away.”  Still, Tucker’s earnest vocals remain the same, even if she’s well out of her comfort zone.

Her past certainly is utilized, however, but only to further her progression – we can hear the loud punk attitude bleed through this mostly soft, introspective effort, as in tracks “Doubt” and “Riley.”  The ending product, however, is kin of maturation and experimentation rather than merely resembling a strong Kinney B-side.  The ending track, “Miles Away,” is a soulful piano number with a bright Tori Amos quality.

The slower, softer approach may be jarring for some SK purists, but she has certainly come a long way with her sound, and there are still some loud moments that give us an idea of where Corin Tucker has been and, something more exciting, where she’s headed.

The Corin Tucker Band – 1,000 Years

The Corin Tucker Band – Half A World Away

The Corin Tucker Band – Doubt