83rd Academy Awards Predictions

The Oscars are upon us this Sunday, and you know I will be watching what is sure to be the most predictable ceremony in recent memory.  With the comedic talents of James Franco and Anne Hathaway, viewers are sure to tune out quicker than usual.  I mean, I’m sure they have some singing routines planned or whatever, but it’s certainly going to be more of a back-scratching affair than the always funny-and-interesting, tell-it-like-it-is Ricky Gervais.

Anywho, without looking at any “who will win?” blurbs from the press, and armed with only my knowledge of who won SAG statues and Golden Globes this year (as well as general good sense), I have my predictions below of who I think will win. Let’s see how well I do!

Best Actor

Who Will Win: Colin Firth

Who Should Win: Colin Firth

Great category, but Firth deserves it for his brilliant, emotional portrayal of a stuttering king in one of England’s most trying times in history.


Best Actress

Who Will Win: Natalie Portman

Who Should Win: Michelle Williams

A decidedly less great category, but my vote goes to Michelle Williams – her charisma with Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine was captivating, and the fact he got snubbed this year is incredulous.


Best Supporting Actor

Who Will Win: Christian Bale

Who Should Win: Christian Bale

Perhaps Geoffrey Rush would shock the world, but I don’t see it happening; if Bale doesn’t get this for his AMAZING performance in The Fighter (better than his one in American Psycho, if you ask me), there is no humanity.


Best Supporting Actress

Who Will Win: Melissa Leo

Who Should Win: Hailee Steinfeld

I think Hailee Steinfeld actually has a pretty good chance against this dismal category, but she’s only fourteen, so I’m playing it safe on my prediction for this one.  She deserves it though; if anything, Jeff Bridges was supporting her, not the other way around.


Best Director

Who Will Win: David Fincher (The Social Network)

Who Should Win: Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan)

Yes, we all know Nolan got snubbed, but he wouldn’t have won anyway – I predict Fincher will win, based on the glowing reviews of the Social Network and the fact that, hey, it’s David Fincher.  But Black Swan was incredibly beautiful and deserves it more, in my opinion.


Best Picture

Who Will Win: The King’s Speech

Who Should Win: Well, if it doesn’t go there, it should go to either Black Swan or the Social Network for sure.

This is the second year for the ten-films-nominated rule for this category, and I have to say this year is much better than last year as far as nominees go (The Blind Side? District 9? Really?).  But the King’s Speech is the shoe-in here easily, even with nine other films biting its heels.  As much as I would like to see an Arcade Fire-like shocker like Toy Story 3 or Winter’s Bone take home the prize, it’s not gonna happen.  So if you tune out before they give this one away at the end, you won’t be missing much.

So those are the big ones, everything else is filler, mainly, though I am interested in the Best Screenplay awards and Foreign Film category as well.  See you Sunday!

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  • JP Says:

    I mostly agree with you, except that Toy Story 3 PALES in comparison to How to Train Your Dragon, and that District 9 was an inventive, energetic enough film to completely deserve its dark horse nomination.

    Oh, and that I can’t get it up for all the rich-white-guy-becomes-successful films nominated this year (seriously, what the hell?) and I didn’t see The Fighter.

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