Oct 21 2011

FFF6 Playlist Series – Sunday’s Black Stage

A friend of mine and I were discussing the awesome awesome lineup for Fun Fun Fun Fest this year, and recently, they announced their schedule for our viewing pleasure. My friend was excited, but admitted he knew only a few bands. Where, he wondered aloud, could he find a comprehensive rundown of each band, a sampling of their musical chops, so he could further educate himself before the finest weekend of his year? I assume the Fun Fun Fun website has such a playlist, and they do, and it’s cool, but I wanted to make my own. So every Friday, from now until the fest (that’s nine weeks), I will be posting a playlist for your educational purposes for each stage and day, excluding the Yellow stage, which is mostly comedy.

This week’s playlist covers the bands playing on the Black (Punk/Metal) stage on Sunday – OBN III’s, Davila 666, Ceremony, NoBunny, Zero Boys, Eyehategod, Kid Dynamite, Cannibal Corpse, Boris, Black Lips, and Blonde Redhead.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

Missing From Playlist (not on Spotify yet): Schmillion

My Stage Pick: Black Lips

I saw these guys rule it at a Mess With Texas show several years ago – they threw hamburgers into the crowd about halfway through the set. Their new album is great and their live shows are famous for getting a little crazy. A big must-see for the Black stage for the whole weekend, maybe THE must see for this stage now that Slayer has moved to Orange.