May 7 2010

Deftones Discography Part 5: Saturday Night Wrist

One of my favorite bands, the Sacramento-based Deftones, released their sixth full-length album, Diamond Eyes, on May 4. In light of this, I am going back, re-listening to, and analyzing their previous albums, along with the new disc, in order to gain a perspective of the band’s past and their future.

Saturday Night Wrist by Deftones (2006, Maverick)

It’s clear from the start of Saturday Night Wrist that Deftones read the writing on the wall.  Their previous effort was a commercial flop and certainly not a fan favorite.  And while the disc wasn’t a disaster by any spark of the imagination, it definitely was hit-or-miss compared to the rest of the band’s catalog.  Chalk it up to growing pains; on SNW, the group clearly has their shit together.

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