Apr 5 2011

Currently Digging: Katy B

With the release of On a Mission Katy B has burst onto the indie electro/dance scene Stateside, and the result is a mix of dub beats, Joker-esque riffs, and Robyn confidence. The talent is here – as the dubstep phenom crosses over into the popular realm, Katy uses her voice and utilizes smart production to hone her own niche in the burgeoning sound. At least that’s what she did on the breakthrough single “Katy On a Mission.” The rest of the new disc is decisively diverse, but well crafted throughout. Incorporating subtleties from all walks of electro life, but keying in on what made Katy notable (that rocking dubstep/pop beat), this newcomer does more with less, and she’s one to watch as we inch further towards the summertime.