May 27 2010

Five Television Programs I Adore

After the jump are five TV shows you should be watching, whether on TV, Hulu, DVD, or by illegal means.  Just watch them.  These are not ranked, and they are not necessarily my all-time favorites (I’m leaving out many of my favorites, in fact) – they are just shows I am currently in love with.  You will love them too.

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Apr 17 2010

The Funniest Thing I Saw All Week 4/17/10

Videogum had a great post about what Kevin Eubanks should do after he retires from the Tonight Show. And as with most Videogum posts, the comments section is pretty hilarious as well.

Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but let’s see if you music fans get it:

Finally, Glee is back!  And in case you missed the Madonna parody, here it is.