Mar 10 2012

SXSW Interactive 2012: Day 2

Another late morning, another late start, another rainy, cold day in Austin.  Another day of taking it easy, for the most part.  Last night didn’t get too wild, but the weather certainly changed my plans for many things.  Didn’t see the Girl Walk screener, but I did soak in two panels, including a semi-informative one about public radio and its influence on media as a whole.  After that I had my share of free drinks at the Do512 Interactive Party at the Belmont, which was fun and mega crowded.  Once the word was out Ghostland Observatory was playing a totally free, totally non-credential show at ACL Live, my posse and I scurried four blocks south and got right in.  And Ghostland, and their phenomenal light show, killed, as per usual.  So no karaoke, no screener, but still a grand old time.

Today the plan is to mosey on over to the Austin Music Hall, where thankfully I won’t be hearing any music.  Instead, I’ll be taking in the Tech Career Expo, checking out some awesome tech companies and maybe even handing out a few business cards.  I gave out three yesterday! Can you believe it?! Me neither!

After that it’s back to the Convention Center for a solo panel from Frank Abagnale.  Yes, THAT Frank Abagnale, the one the movie Catch Me If You Can is about.  Pretty certain Leonardo DiCaprio won’t be making an appearance, but Frank is likely going to talk about his past, and, as is the case with most panels, plugging a current project or startup or book or something.

I guess I could network some more, but the junior high girl inside me is screaming that I must go catch Third Eye Blind at ACL Live.  Which is probably where I’ll be.  I’m currently listening to them on Spotify in anticipation, so….yeah. You can count on it. And after that, I’m going to a private function you’re not invited to. Sorry. Rolling with VIP over here.