Jun 24 2010

My Favorite Shep Smith Moments

It’s not news that Fox News is a megaphone for the conservative movement and a right-wing media propaganda tool.  It always has been, regardless of its original tagline promising “fair and balanced” coverage (haven’t seen that graphic in a while).  There has always been one anchor there, though, even from the beginning, and usually reporting in the afternoons, that has been the lone voice of reason – an actual reporter surrounded by bumbling idiots, analysts, and pundits shouting rhetoric and heresy rather than fact.

A man who seeks to deliver the news, nothing more, nothing less.  A man who usually keeps his views to himself, but when asked, will become the voice of reason in a room full of shouting matches.  While Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck squawk and squeal,  this man sits back and does his job for the viewers at home, rather than for the content managers behind the camera.

That man is Shepard Smith.

After the jump are some of my favorite YouTube-rendered moments of Shep sticking to his guns, proving that knowledge is power, valuing his journalistic duty over ratings credentials, and making an effort to actually keep things “fair and balanced.”

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