Feb 23 2011

Today Was a Bad Day

Today I had a giant to-do list and I was feeling very productive.

It was going to be a good day….so the first thing I wanted to do was do a blog post.

When I entered my site it said I needed to update my version of WordPress, and so I did…..and my entire site fucking crashed.

So instead of getting things done, today has been spent on forums and FTP servers trying to rectify a clerical error in hopes that I didn’t lose EVERYTHING.  In other words, one day-long anxiety attack.

Imagine your first-born child getting hit by a bus and you have to wait at the hospital for hours to find out his condition…..okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but still…..I had a bad day is all I’m trying to say.

Here’s some songs about it, kinda.

The to-do list will have to wait til tomorrow, because tonight I’m celebrating that you’re able to read this.