Writing Resolution 2022

I have given myself a goal to write at least 100 words a day (though not necessarily publishing those words every day), either from a particular topic (song review, album review, something music-related) or from a random musing. Additionally, I’ve also given myself a goal to write a 1000-word article over the weekend about a music-related topic that would require some research and editorializing. I’m leaving this open-ended so that it will remain fun and interesting and I won’t get burned out too quickly, which tends to happen when I take on new projects and creative outlets.

I am intending to do this because I want to be a music writer, though I haven’t yet determined if this is something I wish to pursue as a hobby, semi-professionally, or full-on as a career. My current professional obligations have left me in a bit of an existential funk, and I am unfulfilled, to say the least, so doing something more aligned with my talents and interests is certainly welcome. I try to be pragmatic about these things, however, as I realize my enthusiasm wanes considerably when I feel obligated to do projects for others or for work. I also understand the difficulty in making a career (or even a side hustle) out of something as undervalued as writing about music; it is not a profession that pays much of anything for most that choose to do it. It would truly be a labor of love, and as it stands with my current obligations of supporting a family and planning for children, I have to take that reality into account.

We’re way over 100 words at this point, but this entry has been particularly dry and boring, mainly because I am facing a creative block today and am generally in a sour mood. Hopefully, future posts won’t read like this. Basically, since it’s the New Year and I’m just starting this project, I intended for this entry to be a sort of manifesto, or something like saying your goals out loud so you actually hold yourself accountable to doing them. Anywho, here’s to the new year!

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