Green Day Update! Urgent! Read This Now!

A lot has happened in the land of Green Day since we last spoke. I know, I know. I’ve been slacking. You may have even found another source for all things Green Day! Or maybe you just read my blog because you know me personally and check it from time to time and don’t really care about Green Day. Your kindness knows no bounds. Rest assured, I am here to deliver the most pressing news on the greatest band ever. I will take care of you like a lion takes care of her cub. So here we go!

The cover above is Tre!, the final album in the trilogy, to be released in January. Here’s the trailer!

But wait, there’s more!

Green Day are releasing two documentaries alongside the trilogy! To be directed/produced by the same dudes who brought you Bullet In a Bible, several recent awesome Green Day videos, and that one badass White Stripes concert film. Read more from a more reliable source here!

And finally, “Oh Love,” the first single from Uno!, will be released on Monday. You can listen to it at GreenDay.Com Monday morning and preorder the whole trilogy as well. Here’s the cover:

And here’s the trailer!

So, yeah. That’s a ton of stuff, y’all. Green Day’s back baby! Get psyched!

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  • Austin N. Says:

    So I liked that one song called “Hope You’re Having the Time of Your Life” or whatever but how’s the rest of their stuff? Worth checking out?

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