I Just Realized I Haven’t Bothered You Guys About Green Day In Like A Week

Nowadays there’s a lot to talk about in Green Day Land, and if you think I’m just gonna keep quiet about it, well….you don’t know me. First of all, I’m never quiet about anything. Secondly, Green Day news makes me giddy like a school girl. So if you read this post aloud, make sure you inflect your voice to the likeness of a screeching hyena at a One Direction concert. Because that’s how I FEEL, man….

So the album cover above is Uno!, to be release September 25th. Here’s the trailer:

Rolling Stone recently interviewed the band, and Billie Joe talked about the new sound and the three albums.

People ask me all the time. Even my son asked me, “Dad, would you ever go back to playing songs like from [1994’s] Dookie and [1992’s] Kerplunk?” I love those records. I love the punk stuff I grew up on. But there are so many bands who make the mistake – “We’re going back, old-school.” Well, that’s all you’re doing. You already did it. So we’re changing the guitar sound. We’re not going with the big Marshall-amp thing. We wanted something punchier, more power pop – somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles.

“The first one is power pop. The second is more garage-y, Nuggets-type rock. And the third is supposed to be epic. In the first album, you’re getting in the mood to party. On ¡Dos!, you’re at the party, and on the third album, you’re cleaning up the mess.”

So for you kids that hated the last two over-the-top albums, but maybe thought Foxboro Hot Tubs is okay, it sounds like the new stuff might be more up your alley! Yay! Then we’ll have something to talk about! Then I’ll drag you to a Green Day show in Houston with me!

The first single is called “Oh Love,” which will drop into your eardrums July 16th, the day after Breaking Bad premieres. Listen to a poor-sounding version recorded in the alley behind Red 7 back in November.

After Uno! is, of course, Dos!  That one’s coming November 13th. Here’s the album cover:

And here’s the trailer:

Tre! is the final release in the trilogy, seeing release January 15th, and you can imagine what the album cover will look like, as well as the trailer. Neither have been released, but you can bet when it happens, I’ll be all over that like something that’s typically all over something!

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