Super Bowl XLVI Prediction

Two weeks ago, I was a perfect 2-0 for my divisional championship picks, and, as I predicted, this year’s Super Bowl is a repeat of 2007. That makes my record 6-4, and even if I screw this one up, I go out a winner. Having said that, I’m pretty stumped as to who’s gonna win this one. The media likes to pretend the Giants are underdogs again, yet every time I turn on Sportscenter, they’re talking aout Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. The past few weeks I’ve gone with stats and whathaveyou, but this time around I’m going with my gut, simply because I feel these are two pretty evenly matched teams all around. The Giants have improved, but so has the Patriots defense, and Tom Brady is still sensational. Eli’s been playing better, but I just don’t think a repeat comeback is in order this time around.

So yeah, I’m going with the Patriots. The NFL is an offensive league, and Tom Brady’s the best QB left standing. And I still don’t think the Giants deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Call it wishful thinking the 49ers would do better. or leftover sore feelings from the Packers stomping, but New York is not the best NFC team by far. And I’m a Cowboys fan, so going for the boys in blue just rubs me wrong. So yeah, nothing revelatory here, I’m jut betting the Patriots offense can outlast the Giants. Even though everyone at ESPN wants the opposite to happen.

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