Five Awful Things That Happened This Weekend In Sports

5. Packers Had a Bye Week

I’m going to chalk it up to boasting too much last week, because my most awesome weekend in sports probably ever was followed by one of the worst. And my only certain team, the Green Bay Packers, the only team that could have lifted my spirits, didn’t even play this week.

4. Dallas Got Embarrassed

After a great showing against the Rams, the Cowboys let themselves get torn up by a struggling Eagles team. Philadelphia dominated on both sides of the ball; Michael Vick threw for two TDs, and LeSean McCoy easily reached 185 yards rushing. They looked like the dream team everyone was talking about in Week 1. Tony Romo….well, he looked like Tony Romo. 18 of 35 passes, one interception, and one touchdown, the lone score for Dallas.

3. Texas Tech Got Embarrassed At Home

It seems like every time Tech gets a number by their name, they immediately blow their chances of that number getting any smaller. I mean, I’ve seen the Red Raiders too high off a big win, but wow….what a lousy game. By the first quarter, I didn’t want to watch anymore. It was just pitiful. Iowa State owned us. Is it obligatory for us to pull off an unlikely win and lose what should be a given every season?

2. Game 7 Was the Nail In the Coffin

See number 1 for the night before, but after that heartbreak, I knew we didn’t have it in us. Wash was shaken, and he made bad decisions. Where was Feliz? Why start Harrison, who has been pitching like crap lately? With the exception of Pujols superhuman Game 3, we were either neck and neck or completely dominating the Cards throughout the series. But on the night that it counted, we phoned it in. Too easy of a win for an unlikely Wild Card team.

1. Game 6 Was Fun to Watch Until the Very End, Then It Hurt Like Hell

Everybody’s already saying this might be the most exciting World Series game ever, and I don’t disagree. For St. Louis, it’s fulfilling. For Texas, well, we were the reason it was so riveting, but not in a good way. We gave up one pitch, and it tied the game for extra innings. Next inning, we did it again. And it couldn’t go on forever. When Joe Buck declared with his usual insufferable snark, “We will see you tomorrow night,” I had a gut feeling it was already over. You can’t come back from a loss like that.

Bonus: The Tebow Hype Machine Settles Down…For Now

Apparently everyone forgot the Dolphins are the worst team in the NFL, or at least they did when Tim Tebow manufactured a comeback against them last week. Tebow was hailed as Denver’s saving grace, but lo and behold, he and his same old offensive line choked hard this weekend against the Detroit Lions. Tebow completed only 18 of 39, threw one TD, one interception, and was sacked seven times. The Broncos lost 45-10, so maybe that will shut everyone up for a while. At least until next week if they win against Oakland.

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  • simon Says:

    Mike Leach came up with this concept, but I think it describes tech football accurately. It is called the “Fat Little Girlfriend syndrome.”
    Tech can play well, they can run up the score on most teams (hell they had the biggest comeback in NCAA history) but after they accomplish this feet of excellence they will blow it against an inferior team, because they listen to their fat little girlfriends and not what the coaches have to say.

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