Fun Fun Fun Fest Schedule Is Rocktastic….Conflicts?

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this little festival that happens every November in grand ol’ Austin. The natives have named it Fun Fun Fun Fest, and musical acts from all over travel to partake in this color-coordinated gathering. Today, the humble, bearded folks at Transmission gifted us with a schedule of what to expect as far as conflicts go. I am very pleased with the results overall, minus a few tough decisions, but, of course, that is my opinion.

I’m not thrilled about Passion Pit vs. Public Enemy, but I’ll probably go with the latter because I’ve seen the Pit numerous times already. Friday also includes a tough choice between Black Joe Lewis (who I’m leaning toward) vs. Thee Oh Sees. I recommend both shows, and if Yacht (who is on the Blue stage at that time) plays older stuff, I would recommend that one too.

Saturday’s a little easier, I’m torn between Major Lazer and Spoon, and Lykke Li and Neon Indian (gonna wait to hear his new album before I make that decision.) Sunday is the hardest for me; Hum, Black Lips, and Diplo all at the same time? Rough stuff, but Hum will probably win out.

They haven’t announced the set times yet, but I imagine it will be an hour per band or so.  And I don’t imagine they’ll mix up the order much…seems practical right now as far as early day/evening/headliners, unless they absolutely have to.  Fingers crossed.  What are your major conflicts? Any at all? Have you bought your tickets yet? Why haven’t you? Will you bring sunscreen in case I forget? Can we watch Cold Cave together? Will you go out with me? Discuss!

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