Currently Digging: Old Bowl

The best way I can describe something as downright odd as the sound of Eric Braden, aka NYC’s Old Bowl, well…..I really can’t. You’re just gonna have to go download Intricate Days and find out for yourself. Braden recently dropped the LP on his site in that DIY pay-what-you-want style we all love so much.  But perhaps if J Dilla decided he loved the Books and his favorite Beatles song was “Revolution 9,” that would be akin to the sharp, sound collage mindfuck Old Bowl has put together here.  There is nary a stale moment; the listener is engaged throughout the spaced-out clipped beats, sampled dialogue, and snipped obscure songs.  It’s a stirring compilation of progressive beats, mesmerizing melodies, and, at times, beautiful chaos.  Take the trip for yourself.

Take a listen to “SHAME:”

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