News Bits and Commentary – February 14, 2011

I don’t usually post about current news so much, I figure that’s what Twitter and Google News are for, and there are plenty of blogs/zines out there keeping us all abreast of what’s going on.  But on this Valentine’s Day, things are shaping up to be an exciting spring in the world of music, and I figure I would try to sort it out a bit.

First of all, the Grammys were last night, and Arcade Fire won Album of the Year, the coveted top prize in music awards, or so they say.  While so-called “music experts” are scratching their heads as to why Eminem didn’t take home the prize, as was predicted, I believe Village Voice acted as the megaphone for the rest of us, you know, people that actually listen to music.  Others, meanwhile, are trying to figure out who the hell Arcade Fire is, and saying hilarious nonsense in the process.

Secondly, Radiohead immediately stole the spotlight by announcing the release of their new album this Saturday, which you can pre-order here in a physical “newspaper album” set or as a digital download.  The rumor mill almost immediately decided it was plausible they might come to Austin in March to play the album in its entirety for the SXSW crowd, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Finally, tomorrow is the announcement of the lineup for Bonnaroo 2011, which I won’t be attending regardless, as I will be traveling abroad that week.  Bummer…..maybe.  We’ll see.

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