Rocking Retro: Roy Orbison

Another Texas-born badass, Roy Orbison scored a regional hit with “Ooby Dooby,” ventured to Memphis for a recording session at Sun Studios in 1957, and the rest, as they say, is history. Orbison became one of the pioneer musicians for the rockabilly movement, but ventured into more ballad-based territory (due to his sharp, distinct, wavering croon) as the years went by.

I was introduced to Orbison through my father’s dusty CD collection when I was probably 5  or 6 – once I heard “Pretty Woman” and “Rock House,” there was no turning back.  Roy continued to make awesome music up until his death in 1988 from cardiac arrest.  In fact, right up until: Orbison was on the verge of a comeback, scoring a hit with “You Got It,” releasing a new well-received album Mystery Girl, and becoming part of the best supergroup ever, the Traveling Wilburys.

After the jump is a heaping helping of some of Roy’s best songs.  Educate yourself, ladies and gents.

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