Currently Digging: Girl Talk – All Day

Greg Gillis put the Internet in a fury this morning when he dropped his latest album All Day around 8AM.  The comp is available for free download from Illegal Art and highly recommended.  It’s a Girl Talk album, so you already know what to expect – Gillis has been the king of mashups for many years now. Just don’t call him a DJ.

Like the classic Night Ripper and Feed the Animals before it, Girl Talk incorporates new hip-hop and R&B with old school classic rock, alternative, indie, and even 80’s synth pop.  Clever mashings include Fat Joe with Spacehog, Miley Cyrus and M.O.P., Radiohead and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and (in an unbelievable moment of brilliance) Aphex Twin alongside Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy.  Overall, there’s probably sixty years worth of music on here, and it all sounds like it belongs together.  God it’s good to have you back, Mr. Gillis.

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