Best Conan O’Brien Moments

It seems like it’s taken forever, but Coco has returned to television in the form of a basic cable late night talk show almost identical to the ones he hosted previously.  While the reviews have been mixed thus far and Conan’s ego is overshadowing the humor currently, I look forward to an edgier O’Brien once he gets cozy on TBS.  In the meantime, here are a few moments from the best current late night host, mostly from his 17 year stint on Late Night, but a bit from his nine month Tonight Show gig.

During the last writer’s strike, Conan, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert found a unique way to kill time – by having a fake trash-talking brawl that lasted weeks.  The issue: who made Mike Huckabee, then running for President, a celebrity.  The argument came to an all-out brawl on Conan’s show, and the results were glorious.

Conan Fights Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart: The Brawl

RELL | Myspace Video

It turns out when someone says a URL on TV that doesn’t exist, the network has to buy it.  Conan didn’t know this until the accidental birth of HornyManatee.Com.

Robert Smigel’s now-famous Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was originally a Conan O’Brien sketch exclusively.  This clip, where Triumph tears into Star Wars fans, is a classic.

Conan’s weird, irreverent humor produced some pretty laugh-out-loud, unusual bits – probably the most memorable of these is the Walker Texas Ranger lever – there was really no joke, just a random showing of one of the most ridiculous television programs in the history of the world.  Everytime Conan pulled the lever, a joke was made for him.


A bit Conan brought from Late Night to the Tonight Show was always hilarious and one of my favorites – the ever-strange telenovela Noches de Pasion con Senor O’Brien….aka Conando.

And another favorite of mine on Late Night was In the Year 2000, a bit Conan kept even after the millennium passed. He updated it on Tonight, however, re-naming it In the Year 3000.

When Jarod Miller came on Late Night, he always brought an array of animals he allowed to wander the studio freely – Conan’s physical humor always provided a plethora of great laughs.

Conan did a lot of on-location videos (and it looks like he still will), and while most of them were overall “meh,” this one is a gem, one Conan proudly proclaimed, upon leaving Late Night, was his favorite.

1864 baseball w/ Conan OBrien – Watch more Funny Videos

This one’s a news story, but shows some of the highlight jokes Conan pulled in his final weeks at Tonight at NBC and Leno’s expense. It includes the classic “Kids, you can do anything you want to….unless Jay Leno wants to do it too.”

Finally, after all the bullshit NBC put this guy through, if you can’t call Conan a class act, I don’t know what planet you’re living on.

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