The Songs of Summer 2010

Today marks the official first day of autumn 2010.  As far as music goes, there is usually one “song of the summer” – a track that we will forever associate with the previous season of this particular year.  This song usually embodies the typical moods related to summer – laziness, partying, a carefree, optimistic attitude, et al.

While I’m not going to try and pick this song, I have my nominations – songs that will bring me back to this summer, my first few months in a new city, and, as with most summers, a good time in near-intolerable heat.

      1. Brothertiger - Lovers
      2. The Hood Internet - Trey-dio Departmentz (Trey Songz vs. The Radio Dept.)

      3. Star Slinger - Minted
      4. Evan Voytas - I Took a Trip on a Plane
      5. Colleen Green - Worship You
      6. Cee Lo Green - Fuck You
      7. Vampire Weekend - White Sky (Basement Jaxx Club Mix) (Studio Version)

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