My Ten Favorite Dirk Fowler Concert Posters

Far far away in a little town called Lubbock there lives a man with a gift – Dirk Fowler.  With the help of his wife Carol, they started F2-Design, and have been making prints and posters for years, and with moderate success.  I was first introduced to Dirk’s work through his posters he made for KTXT shows, and long after its shutdown he continues to lend his hand via promotional posters all over the world for high-profile concerts, internationally known events like SXSW, and albums for well-known musicians.  I invite you to check out Dirk’s site and browse the creations he makes when he’s not being an art professor at Texas Tech and an all-around awesome guy.  You can even purchase a few if you like (if they’re not sold out – that happens a lot).  After the jump are my ten favorites – what are yours?


This reminds me of a pretty spectacular show.


I adore this poster, and it’s a cool reminder of one of the best nights I ever had in Lubbock – an all-local salute to the Diamond Center on their last night in town.








Dirk doesn’t just do Lubbock posters – Wilco has been a returning customer for years, along with No Age, Lucero, Thrift Store Cowboys, and many others.  This is actually two show posters in one – turn it upside down.


This was a derivation of a previous Dirk-made American Analog Set poster, but I like this one better – Dirk pays tribute to the fallen station by using KTXT’s trademark colors, and the rumor is he actually broke a record in half to make this one.  At a time when a small, dedicated following was devastated and in an uproar against Texas Tech, Dirk provided the image we hung around town to show our disgust.  Dirk did so much amazing work for the station in just under a decade (he even designed our logo), but this is by far my favorite.

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