Rocking Retro: The Romantics

When my dad brought home What I Like About You (And Other Romantic Hits) I thought it was a compilation of love songs from the 80’s by different people.  Being ten years old, I had never heard of a band called the Romantics.  I soon found out that all these awesome songs were by one under-rated, semi-forgotten new wave group.

Sure, we’ve all overheard the main track, especially if we watched car commercials in the 90’s.  But this band had so many rocking hits, and they found the knack (pun) to mix punk, R&B, funk, and 50’s rock into one hell of a new sound for this innovative decade.  Many don’t remember, but the Romantics were at the forefront of an explosion of a new sound that would envelop the next 10+ years of music.  We can still hear their influence today, especially if we listen to current indie garage groups.  These boys were always at the top of their game; catchy hooks, simple love-song lyrics, and straight-up rock and roll?  What’s not to love?  After all, it’s all Romantic.

A sampling of hits after the jump.

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