Dec 13 2011

Five Anticipated Albums of 2012

Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror
February 14

Already a contender for most awesome album title of the year, Sleigh Bells’ sophomore effort drops the same day you’ll be giving chocolates to your lady. It is sure to be loud, frenetic, and face-melting. How romantic.

The-Dream – The Love IV: Diary of a Mad Man
Release Date TBA

Instead of dropping this new LP this year, Terius Nash ran into some label disputes, so the album has been put on hold. In the meantime, to whet our appetite, he dropped a free, excellent mixtape on his site, 1977. If that release is any indication of what to expect this year from Nash, it is sure to be a worthy follow-up to the incredible Love King.

Cloud Nothings – Attack On Memory
January 24

Although I wasn’t particularly impressed with the new material in a live setting, studio versions have sounded incredibly promising. 19-year-old Dylan Baldi leads his group from their garage power pop approach to a new, darker, and more mature follow-up, destined to be one of the most interesting releases of 2012.

Air – Le Voyage Dans Le Lune
February 7

Although their last two releases have been immeasurably disappointing, I still can’t help but get psyched for this ambitious project, an album based on a silent French film made in 1902. It’s just the kind of concept one would expect from this dreamy duo; the album is slated to feature help from Au Revoir Simone and Beach House.

Future of the Left – The Plot Against Common Sense
Release Date TBA

The Mclusky offshoots have been quiet for two years, and that’s two years too long. After dropping a promising EP in November, the band’s stateside release of their third album is sure to induce massive amounts of headbanging, as well as earn the group a new handful of fans.