Album Review: Gunna – DS4EVER

Gunna’s understated Atlanta trap creates a nice consistent soundscape, even amongst numerous A-list producers with varying approaches. As far as features go, the usual suspects are here, including Future, Young Thug, and Lil Baby. By far the highlight comes early with “pushin P”, which serves as a sort of lyrical motif occasionally throughout the album. Unfortunately DS4EVER, the final of Gunna’s Drip Season output, falls into the same trap we’ve seen from Gunna and his peers in the streaming era; quantity is prioritized over quality, and mood is the focus over content. And so while the first few tracks set the scene and are the sharpest of the collection, halfway thru the formula wears pretty thin. The whole thing is a vibe, but it’s one we’ve heard from Gunna before, and one that quickly becomes pretty stale.

Score: 5/10

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