Fun Fun Fun Fest: Schedule and Tickets Galore!

Today Fun Fun Fun Fest announced their full schedule for the festival and the Nites afterparties, as well as Student Discount and Single Day passes. New this year is a half-now, half-later layaway option to purchase a regular three-day pass (those tickets are still on sale as well.) It seems to me tickets are selling slower than usual, which, in my opinion, makes sense because the lineup overall isn’t as strong as last year’s. However, it’s certainly still an amazing roster of groups and the major conflicts are minimal, with the exception of Saturday night and a few day spots. So, naturally, I think everyone should go buy their tickets right away, as it is likely tickets will begin to move very quickly as the fest looms closer and closer. It’s far and away the best three-day festival you could attend anywhere, and it never disappoints. My advice? Buy your tickets now. Don’t even think about it.

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