Will Green Day Be the Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 Headliner?

Now just hear me out a second. First let’s look at the obvious immediate assumptions:

-Green Day’s a big 90’s arena rock-type band that probably costs an arm and a leg to book. Along with the Foo Fighters, they’re really the only 90’s band to continue to have sustained success. It’s more ACL’s style than Fun Fun Fun’s, or at least if you look at Fun Fun Fun’s lineup in the past.

-They’re a pretty divisive band, and have been pretty much since 1994. If people aren’t mad at them for having a Broadway musical, or rallying against George W. Bush, they’re mad at them for “destroying punk.” You can bet a big chunk of Fun Fun Fun faithful, including the punk/metal-loving Black stage crowd, will either be indifferent or downright angry they’re booked. An outright Fun Fun Fun backlash? That seems like a bit much, especially if Transmission puts someone across the Shores at the same time that will tame them. Maybe Danzig wants to redeem himself?

-This goes back to the first point, but in a roundabout way: amongst all those DJs, rappers, indie rockers, metalheads, and punk purists….Green Day would stick out like a sore thumb. I mean, headliners usually do anyway, that’s kind of the point, but not to the extent that Green Day would. One look at last year’s headliners (Spoon, Public Enemy, Passion Pit, Slayer, Danzig), and you can surmise that Green Day would be a very odd choice for a burgeoning fest that still caters to more of an underground crowd.

The facts:

-Ticket prices have gone way, way up for the fest, indicating Transmission’s looking to book some bigger bands. Regardless of Green Day’s rep with the Black Stage crowd, you know they will sell tickets, the same way the Foo Fighters or Chili Peppers would for ACL. Guaranteed they would be an Orange Stage headliner, with the naysayers catching somebody like….Motorhead?… and the hipsters meandering to the Blue Stage for….Hot Chip?

-Transmission’s worked with the trio before. Remember that secret show at Red 7 last November? There’s certainly a business relationship already in place, so Transmission’s favorite son (Green Day Pun!), Fun Fun Fun, would be a logical step forward.

-Green Day are releasing a trilogy of new albums this fall/winter. The first one comes out in September, so you can bet they’ll be doing what they love to do: launch a worldwide tour, or, at the very least, hit up some fests.

-In fact, Green Day are already confirmed to headline the Voodoo Music Fest in New Orleans on October 27. The weekend before FFF…and not too far from Austin…

Now, having said all this, everyone knows where my heart is: I’m a huge, enormous, insufferable Green Day fan. I love the musical. I’ve thrown an insane amount of money at them. I have a tattoo on my back proclaiming my love for them. So…..yes…..this post is wishful thinking. That I’m 95% sure won’t happen.   It makes no sense at all now that I think of it.

I mean, come on, GREEN DAY AT FUN FUN FUN? Sounds crazy, right?

Crazier things have happened.

Actually, don’t listen to me. I’m dumb. Refused is coming for sure. Maybe At the Drive In, too.

You’ve heard my .02, now it’s your turn: for those of you who already bought your tickets, if Green Day were announced to be one of the headliners, what would your reaction be?  Would you be stoked to sing along to some old skool Green Day tunes?  Would you be pissed and sell your ticket, feeling betrayed by Fun Fun Fun?  Would you care at all?

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